OUR Belt (Graduation) system

The Capoeiros belt system is similar to other martial arts. The color of the belts roughly defines the level of capoeirista's (capoeira practitioner's) knowledge. Although, unlike in the Oriental Martial Arts, the Capoeira belts are traditionally made of a sort of a rope (or cord) and are called corda or cordão in Portuguese.

The colored ranking system may differ in different Capoeira groups. Also, in many schools, as well as in ours, there are several age categories with a separate color system.

At present FICAG has four of these categories:

  • children up to 7 years of age,

  • children / teenagers from the age of 8 to 14,

  • adults (including teenagers from 15 years of age)

  • elderly (people that have started to attend classes at a respectable age in special kind of groups meant for this age category) and people with special needs.

The last category is not shown in the illustration, as it was formed recently, because of the increasing number of this type of groups set up by the representatives of our school, and the growing need to constantly motivate those students by giving them higher belts.